Starrylizard (starrylizard) wrote in spnvidrecs,

Nobody Sees by Meg_tdj (Sam/Ruby)

Vid Name(including link)/Vidder: Nobody Sees by meg_tdj
Song/Artist: Nobody Sees/Powderfinger
Genre: relationship, het, drama
Why you’re reccing the vid: ANother vid from my "all-time-faves" archive. There are very few vids out there (that I've seen, anyway) for the Sam/Ruby relationship, despite it being a huge part of season 4 (which I have incidentally just finished re-watching). This vid shows us exactly why Sam went there. I love the gentle handling of the available footage, the way it shows a Sam that needs rescuing and a Ruby who slowly gains his trust by being there for him in a time of need. Yes, we all know where it ended up, but I love this vid. Go watch it and let me know if you do too. :)

Link: <-- wander over to Meg's LJ to download it. Unfortunately this one doesn't have a streaming link, but I swear it's worth it.
Tags: theme: het, vidder: meg_tdj
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