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Runnin by GnevIshtar2 (Youtube)

Hi all,

As mods at spnvidrecs, we'd love to hear from you. Have you seen a great Supernatural vid of late? Or last month, or years ago that you keep watching over and over and over again? Please let us know. Anyone can recommend a SPN fanvid here and there's no wrong way to do it. If you loved it, tell us about it.
Also if anyone has ideas for us mods, please leave us a message (PM, comment, whatever) and we'll happily consider it. Let's get this place pumping again.

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And now on to the promised rec...

Vid Name/Vidder: Runnin' by GnevIshtar2
Song/Artist: Runnin' by Adam Lambert
Genre: gen, general monntage, epic stuff!
Why you’re reccing the vid: This vid is made of awesome! I can't even describe the feelings of amazement watching it gives me. You should watch it too! Now.

NT - Intelligence Riley

Make it beautiful by lilly_the_kid

Make it beautiful by lilly_the_kid
Song/Artist: Awful by Hole
Genre: Ensemble, gen, general montage...
Why you’re reccing the vid: Very cool! I love the editing on this one. The vidder has so many moments from all over the series, intertwined so neatly and moving between happy and sad... and with beat use of awesome!

The vid is embedded on the LJ entry, go watch it there. :D
(i.e. I'm not sure how to embed it here for ya!)

NT - Intelligence Riley

Skyfall by PinkGl8er2

Skyfall by PinkGl8er2
Song/Artist: Skyfall by Adele
Genre: Pretty! and epic! and ensemble!
Why you’re reccing the vid: I was wondering when someone would vid this and I just stumbled across this lovely vid on Youtube. It's really got the fabulous Supernatural visuals working for it. Totally worth a good look. It's really rather epic! Music-matching, lyric-matching... Yep!

Leave a comment for the vidder on Youtube. :)

Classic Supernatural Vid Recs

Two BRILLIANT meta vids:

Vid Name: Still Alive
vidder: counteragent
Summary: A survey of (mostly S3) SPN fandom: Some wank, some politics, and a ton of awe-inspiring GENIUS.
Year released: 2008

Vid Name: Kill A Man
vidder: zimshan
Summary: "And you can‘t understand, how I can just kill a man" Kripke might have created Sam & Dean, but it's fandom that knows how to play with them.
Year released: 2010