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Supernatural Vid Recs

Community for recommending Supernatural fanvids.

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Supernatural Vid Recs

Welcome to your ultimate resource for Supernatural music video recs!

Find yourself lost in the fast paced world of SPN vids and don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve just stumbled on the best SPN vid you’ve ever seen and want to make sure everyone sees it?

SPN Vid Recs is the place to find or share that special Supernatural fanvid. This is not an elitist community where only a few, select vids can be recced by a few, select people. If you love a Supernatural vid and want to share, this is the place.

So come and join us as we watch what our SPN vidding community has to offer!

Special thanks go to _sharvie_ for originally setting up this amazing community =) and to intrepidy and lsketch42 for all of their hard work.
1. All genres of music video are accepted here. As long as it is a Supernatural fan made video and you love it, you can rec it here.

2. You can rec more than one vid at a time and also link to rec lists.

3. Please try not to upload or link directly to any vids in a way that the vidder can't get feedback. We'd really like vidders to receive feedback. Part of the reason for a reccing community is to drum up some much loved and deserved feedback. We are happy for you to embed Youtube and similar videos as these can usually be followed back to leave the vidder some love. If they happen to also have a Livejournal, it would be great if you link us to that as well. Basically the more ways viewers can leave feedback after seeing your awesome recommendation, the better.

4. Flaming is absolutely not allowed! This is not a critique comm, it’s a reccing one. Squeeing is very much encouraged - telling someone they shouldn’t have recced "crap" will get you banned.

5. This is not the place to post your own videos - this is a reccing community for you to recommend vids you've seen and loved.

6. Interviews and Media are not allowed. As much as we all love a good Jensen and Jared interview or promo this isn’t the place for it. This is for fan made vids only.

7. &etc
To rec a vid, just copy and paste the posting template below:

Don't forget to say why you're reccing this vid - whether it's song choice, style, subject matter, editing, whatever - just tell us why we should watch it too =)

Your MOD team AKA Team Awesome
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